Maina Kageni

The money a man gives you, is the value he places on you – Maina Kageni


Girls, Maina Kageni wants you to know that the amount of money your man gives you or doesn’t, proves how much he values you.

He advised men that they should strive to give their wives a monthly allowance, cash that is hers, and not for household uses.

He told this on the Monday November 22 conversation, that women should be valued, with a monthly allowance not just time and companionship.

‘A woman should be given half a million, and it should be hers alone, not for buying groceries or paying bills. Its hers alone’

Mwalimu Kingangi told Maina that the most a wife should get is his time because there si no money ‘many men would love to give their wives money, but there is KRA’


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