The meaning of how he kisses you

Kissing is a way of communication but only if you can be able to decode the meaning.

The way a man kisses you is an instant indicator of his mood and feelings.

Depending on how the two of you relate different kisses have different meanings.

Here is a quick guide to different types of kisses and what your man is trying to tell you.

Beginners kiss – When your man is still getting used to your body and his liking for you, be prepared for a little fumbling. It can be a simple meeting of lips or a gentle swirl about your mouth area. He’s just getting used to you and likes it.

Sensual kiss – Soft, sensual and lingering is meant to arouse you! His hands will be roving all over your body and he wants you to know that he’s in the mood for a little loving.

Sip kiss – This one is fairly unique. He’ll take a sip of his favourite drink and then get you to kiss him. Great tasting lips and great sensation too. Guaranteed to turn you on!

Talking kiss – He’ll keep whispering nice things into your ears and your mouth. This should tell you that he’s really in a romantic mood and you should try the same.

 Teaser kiss – This type of kiss is  designed to turn you on! He’ll start by nibbling on your ears and then your face and lightly whispering down your hands and arms, even nuzzle down your cleavage. In fact he’ll kiss you everywhere except your mouth and it shows that he’s feeling frisky and he wants you to get into the mood too.

Aggressive-Buzzing kiss – He’ll grab your face and give you a rough and ready kiss designed to get you wild while at the same time humming along your face and your lips. Get ready for wild and aggressive lovemaking too as he’s in the mood for it.

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