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‘The loud music is crazy and everyone complains about it,’ Says Willy Paul’s neighbor

A neighbour who witnessed Willy Paul assaulting a female companion on Sunday at his Syokimau residence has refuted claims by the gospel singer that he was shooting a reality show.

Willy Paul was filmed assaulting the woman numerous times and eventually dismantled her phone by slamming it on the ground.

After ignoring calls and messages from Word Is, Willy Paul posted on social media:

“I know most of you have been wondering pozee ni nini manze, mara ni drama, mara ni pesa. It is all about the drama, it is all about the money, it is like this, my reality show, coming soon, [called] the pozze way hehehe mutashangaa.”

He went on and said, “It’s all about music, money and drama, but above all God over everything. My new reality TV show #ThePozzeWay #254UrbanLife.”

However, our source said: “That cannot be a reality show. You can’t beat up someone like that then come out saying you are shooting a reality show. First of all, there were no cameras, no cast crew and the like. That was just pure violence.

“It was the first time he was fighting outside his house, but he has been fighting in his house.”

What exactly caused the altercation?

“I was on my way home at around 9.30pm when I saw a commotion. It was Willy Paul, some other guy plus the lady. They were in an argument but Willy Paul was in control of everything, and that is when the fight began,” the source said.

“I tried to separate them. The lady was trying to call someone. That was when he took her phone and destroyed it. According to some friends I asked, they said Willy Paul was claiming the lady was high on cocaine, which I think was only a way to cover up the whole issue. I can’t be sure if the lady was his real girlfriend since so many people come and leave his premises.”

Asked if neighbours have complained about the singer, the source said: “Neighbours have been going to knock at his door because of the loud music.

“The loud music is crazy and everyone from our estate complains about it. Personally because of my children, I have gone to knock at his door. He did not open but he turned down the volume.

“From what I saw him doing, I do not think that a gospel artiste is supposed to behave in that manner. I was really traumatised and I felt for the young girl.”


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