‘The Lord who gave me these kids will come to my rescue’ Read the heartbreaking story of Muranga woman whose five kids are disabled

A story of a family with five children living with disability in Kiharu, Muranga County is that of love, resilience and determination from the kids and parents.

Emily Wanjiku got married to the love of her life Sinporian Kangethe 43 years ago, and the journey has not been easy given that all their children have been born with disabilities.

She sadly narrated her story on Inooro TV saying

“Sometimes I go places and hear people talking behind my back, and I have to leave their presence. I have really struggled with these kids in terms of providing clothes and food”

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Kang’ethe on the other hand says that even his own mother and siblings chased him away

“In 1997 my own mother and siblings chased us away from home due to us bearing kids with disabilities. One our kid passed away aged 16.

After being chased away from home I met a man from Italy and I explained my problem to him, he understood our predicament and bought us a piece of land.

A house built for the family by a well wisher

Emily on the other hand remains optimistic despite the dark cloud that has left their marriage full of struggles and pain, she says

I believe that the Lord who gave me these kids will come to my rescue, the same way he sent people to give me land, built me a house and even provided clean water for me.

I used to fetch dirty water because no one was willing to give me water.”

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She goes on to narrate that she is in pain after she hurt her shoulder due to too much work, but can’t afford the Sh6,000 needed for an x-ray.

“I even hurt my shoulder due to too much work I was told to go for an x-ray something I did not do as I could not afford it.”


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On why they are still together for all these years despite the challenges they have faced, Mr Kangethe, their dad says

“Anyone can get disabled, I can also  get disabled so why would I dessert them after all they are God’s creatures.”

Their mum says

“The situation takes a toll on me at times but I have never felt bad about having these kids.Whenever people talk about their kids I proudly talk about mine because to me they are the best.”

Emily's kids
Emily with her kids,a journalist and a well wisher

To parents who have kids with disabilities Mr Kangethe says

“All a child with disability wants is love.”

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