The Late Nkaissery’s Children Mourn Their Dad Saying ‘He Loved Chocolates and Vanilla Ice Cream’

The late Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery was mourned yesterday at a requiem mass held at the Nairobi Baptist Church.

The Cs’s children Andrew Kasaine Nkaissery, Beatrice Siopot, Soila Nkaissery and Mumeta Ole Nkaissery left mourners holding back tears when they eulogized their late dad.

His son Andrew delivered an emotional address remembering how his dad treated his mother like a gentleman should and said it was one of the things he liked about his father.

“You are a classy guy but in an interesting way. You thought modern day men were nuts with all the lotions and deodorants but you still like Calvin Clark shoes. He liked chocolates, wines and his customary one scoop of vanilla ice cream.”

Nkaissery will be laid to rest on Saturday.

Here are his Children:

1.Andrew Kasaine Nkaissery

2.Soila Nkaissery

3.Beatrice Siopot

4.Memuta Ole Nkaissery

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