Anthony Ngare's letter from his daughter

The last letter Tony Ngare’s daughter wrote before he died in the Ethiopian Airline plane crash will break your heart

A letter from Tony Ngare ‘s daughter addressed to him has touched many Kenyans, following his demise in the tragic plane crash.

Ngare was among the 149 passengers on board flight ET 320 en-route to Nairobi before it crashed minutes after take off.

In a past post Tony shared the letter his daughter had written for him on his birthday; He wrote

“I was handed this letter by my eight year old daughter this morning. I read it and I almost let out a tear. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me going”

Anthony Ngare

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The exact words on the letter by his daughter Sandrine read

Anthony Ngare's letter from his daughter

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Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans who have read the letter.

Wanjiru Kimiti: Please pray for my dear cousin Sandrine she is really down

Murigu Doreen: Tony was my primary school classmate and a friend we grew up together in the village a cool lovely guy . Little princess and her mummy GOD give you peace.

Mburugu Maxwell: How does one even know how to break the sad news to that princess?What image will she make of planes for the rest of her life?Our prayer to all affected families!

Nelly Lincoln: May he rest in peace..for the little girl ad family..peace ad can you start explaining to this daddy’s girl that he is gone..wah that song..sad sad

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