Nicholas BEtt dies in a road accident

The last emotional message athlete Nicholas Bett wrote to his wife: ‘Mama Kylie, I love you from my heart and one day you will attest this’

As the nation continues to mourn 400m hurdles champion Nicholas Bett, there’s drama going on in his family.

A woman claiming to be the champion’s  wife has revealed that she has been blocked by her partner’s family from burying him.

According to the woman identified as Brenda Bett, she was the police officer’s wife and they met in 2016 at her father’s funeral and later moved in together the same year in December. They were later blessed with a daughter they named Kylie.

Brenda and Nicholas Bett
Brenda and Nicholas Bett with their daughter Kylie

The mother of one revealed that she has been staying with Bett until his untimely death and they were planning to walk down the aisle soon. Brenda narrated how they were in love, and on the fateful day of the accident, she was meant to drive Nicholas upcountry, where he had an appointment with his doctor but their daughter fell sick and she had no option but let her husband drive himself though he had an injury.

Brenda and Nicholas Bett

In an emotional tribute to her husband, Brenda wrote:

I have lost a golden heart. I celebrate you, my sweetheart. You always loved us. You loved me like your own sister.

I thank God for the moments we shared. I will treasure them forever. What can I say now baba kokoo? The man who taught me to be humble ti see things and zip up.
I have lost you in a cruel way that if I knew you were going to die I would have sipped the journey.

I feel now that that was the last hug and kiss the last ‘I love you and take care of baby Kylie’. The way you talked to me at night was soo deep that I can now say those were your final words to me.’ Cheruto, mama Kylie I love you from my heart and one day you will attest this’ and I smiled and told you, babe, stop it. You don’t have to tell me the world knows and I know you love me so much and I love you too very much.

If I continue writing this, I will write forever. I have known you to be the person of dignity, the man who never gave up. You believed in your dreams, you loved your family more than anything. I’ll always remember your words every morning that babe I have told you I’m your dad not only your husband and I feel very safe in your hands.

Words can never describe your kindness, Those who were close to you know the kind of a person you were.

You always said ‘Kylie my heart, I promise to take care of her’. This is the gift that I couldn’t ask for. I promise you over there Kylie will be taken care of by her strong mum. You always said you trust me, God saw it best not to take both of us because of Kylie I would have been your driver but I don’t know what happened to me I withdrew the journey the last minute. After Kylie fell sick and I had to stay behind to watch her so that I take her to the hospital later in the day. Babes shine on your way. Forever in my heart. I love you so much pakokoo.

RIP my hero”.

Here are more photos of Nicholas Bett with his family

Brenda and Nicholas Bett

Nicholas Bett with his family

Nicholas Bett with his wife


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