The Kabu’s bless Diana Marua with a birthday vacation in Mauritius


Musician Bahati threw his wife Diana Martua a surprise birthday parity on Friday night.

Diana turned 32 on Friday November 6th and was curious what plans her husband had for her big day. He kept it a secret and on her Instagram srtories she ranted about him seemingly ignoring her.

But the loving husband had planned an all white party with her family and friends.

The party was attended by Phoina, the Kabu’s, Hopekid, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby, Ringtone among others.

While toasting to her day, Sarah and Simond Kabu announced that they were giving the popular couple a birthday vacation to Mauritius.

An excited Diana exclaimed how happy that made her as the Kabu’s and guests encouraged Bahati to give her a big smooch.

Happy birthday Diana from the Classic 105 family

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