TRENDING: 25 Memes of The Githeriman That Will Make Your Day A little Brighter

On Tuesday as we all lied up to vote, a man holding a plastic bag with githeri caught our attention. His picture has been trending since and now we are doing what we do best…creating memes of the guy. The githeri man has been photoshopped in every imaginable situation.

The hashtag is even trending online and if you haven’t seen it, don’t worry I have you covered. Check them out below, and do have a peaceful day won’t you?






githeriman 20


githeriman 25

githeriman cover

githeriman 24

githeriman 22

githeriman 21

githeriman 18

githeriman 17

githeriman 15

githeriman 12

githeriman 11

githeriman 10

githeriman 8

githeriman 7

githeriman 6

githeriman 5

githeriman 4

githeriman 3

githeriman 2

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