The easiest ways to know if someone is telling lies

Lies are normally told on a regular basis and one can get away with it if not keen. However, there are times where you can get a chance to know someone is lying. Here are some of the things to look out for;

Tokeo la picha la a person telling lies

Eye contact

It is easier for one to get to read your mind through your eyes. A person telling lies will always avoid making eye contact. This is to prevent you from seeing the guilt all over them especially their eyes. They will either blink their eyes severally or look down at the floor.

Tone variation

When telling a lie, your voice always gives it away because you are not so sure whether what you are saying will be believed. It will always be in a faint mode or even you will stammer in the process.

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Body expressions

People at times tend to express themselves by gestures. When someone gives different gestures from what they are saying, it is obvious that it’s a lie. Like pointing towards the wrong direction or scratching their heads when they are not supposed to.

Involving other people

When a child knows you are going to punish him or her, he/she will always involve other people. They normally accuse other people for crimes they did especially if the person is not around to defend themselves.

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Biting fingers

When telling lies one tends to keep themselves busy biting their fingernails to avoid your attention. Especially when a child makes a mistake and they know they will get punished, they will always lie. The first action they do as they explain themselves is biting their fingers in fear.

Complicated explanations

This happens especially when someone gives two different explanation for one incident. They get more complicated the more they try to explain themselves. This is because they are not so sure with what they are trying to verify to you.

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Fake cries

People tend to believe that when you cry someone will believe what you are saying. When someone is in a mess then they start crying in the process of explaining themselves, chances might be they are crying, they might be lying. This might not be the case at all situations but it is common especially with children.

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