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The donkey is tired: Kenyans weigh in on housing levy fund notice

A notice for employers and employees to start paying a 1.5% housing levy fund from May has elicted sharp reaction.

The first contribution will be due by May 9, 2019, the ministry of Housing and Urban Development said on Tuesday.

The employers are require to deduct and remit the levy together with other statutory levies from both the employer and the employee by 9th of each succeeding month.

The gazette notice by KRA was debated on the Classic 105 morning conversation, where Maina Kageni sought views from Kenyans.

Here is what one Kenyan had to say

why is the government not reclaiming the billions stolen by individuals to run projects like this?

We are tired and we cannot take this anymore. I already have a house so why should I be deducted.

This is a country where someone passes you driving a Porsche yet they had nothing a few months ago.

You cannot even afford a vacation with your kids the donkey is tired Maina.

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Another adds

The houses that were being build in Kibra, Mradi in Matahre Area four so why should they start another project if walishindwa na hizo

 I have a house so why should I pay for another house. Maina before 2022 you will hear hii pesa yote imeiibiwa.

Another Kenyan adds

Maina have we ever sat down to ask where the NHIF and NSSF cash goes to considering it has at one point been marred in scandals? We are tired they can deduct everything for all we care.

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Wakanai calls in and says

We see billions being stolen every day and no one is arrested.

Mr Maraga and Mr Matiangi should lead by example and arrest this people once that is done kujeni mtuitishe pesa.

The President should also sack his advisers because it is obvious they bare misleading him.


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