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The debate is on! Are these two shades of nail polish

The internet has a new color that’s sparking debate between men who believe it’s the same as women insist it’s different shades.

Men are weighing in that the colors are confusing saying their heads are spinning.

A twitter user posed a simple question to his followers on Wednesday, saying ‘Women will look you dead in the face and tell you these are two different colors’

The colors has been retweeted thousands of times.

One many @5000Rayz gave his opinion …Same color different shade… all in all both the colors are lavender tho
His color theory has been disputed.

Very different colors

These are two very different vibes

89 is darker, 88 is lighter. They aren’t different colors but different shades of the same color

I’m not a woman and I can tell one’s lighter than the other. Technically, that makes them different colors. Light blue isn’t dark blue.

One woman believes there is no reason to argue because she has solved it for you.

89 is a shade darker more blue tones and it’s cooler. 88 is a shade lighter like a tint of 89. Def more pink hues too

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