The cute thing Phil Karanja did for Kate the Actress five years ago

Their love story keeps getting better and better as each one opens up.

Phil, during an interview on Kiss FM with Chito Ndlovu, revealed how he finally realized Kate was the one for him.

In a candid moment, the actor-cum-producer confessed how a meeting five years ago, led to their love story. He confessed to Chito saying,

‘I always tell people this if a woman meets a man they will be like ten seconds this guy can be husband material, but for a man you met her and know she will be my wife, and you just got to man up and do it. She knows if he is marriage material, but for a man we don’t second guess’.


So how did he ‘man up’? Phil said;

‘Surprisingly when we started working with each other we didn’t like each other that much, but as I got to know her and we got to talking I was like ..wait, there is something here and I started liking her and at some point I just looked at her and I was like yo..you’re going to be my wife. I’m going to marry you’.


He added coyingly;

‘This was like five years ago, yeah she was reminding me the other day. She’s like, do you know you told me you were going to marry me, before you started dating me?,

Kate The Actress makes a beautiful video wishing her husband a happy birthday

Kate on her Instagram, spoke out a day after their engagement, noting;

It’s not been an easy road, we will tell you our story someday, last year was our worst, but we thank God, I hope my journey will encourage many single mums out there to never give up hope ..there are good men out there willing to love and respect you. MUNGU PEKEE

How cute is their love story and did you meet your spouse and know you would marry them?

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