The crazy myths told about women in these 6 careers

It is not uncommon to hear myths about women in certain careers. From Journalists to barmaids, here are some careers that Kenyans say men should be cautious about.

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1. Journalist

Media girls in Kenya have been getting a bad rap, all for the stories revolving around their love lives. Is it because she is in the limelight? She meets alot of people in her daily work, but does that mean she can’t be trusted?

It’s also said she meets a lot of very prominent personalities during their line of work. This really scares men away. Most of them claim that these ladies are s3xually loose.

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  1. Barmaids/Waitresses

Even those barmaids and waitresses working in high end establishments are not sparred the condemnation. They make their spouses go through some sleepless night worrying about their whereabouts. They also brush shoulders with high profile people in  their everyday interactions. Most of the men think there is always something fishy going on behind the scenes.

  1. Cabin crew

Men who date female cabin crews feel very insecure and jealous of their wives and girlfriends because they travel the whole world, meet a lot more people including potential boyfriends.

4. Politicians

We haven’t been spared scandals by Kenyan female politicians. They address wananchi alot and command respect. They also have private meetings with wealthy men, and rumors are abound about relationships. They are knowledgeable about things, and this could intimidate men.

Dear Kenyan men, does a female politician bae make you hesitate dating or marrying them?

5. Models

It is said they intimidate men, owing to their good physique and contacts with men out there.

Is society being too harsh? Do they attract too much attention, thus pushing away potential suitors?

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6. Lawyers

Finally, the lady lawyer is not left behind. There is an old myth passed from one generation to another claiming that women in the law profession have an in-born contempt for men. Those married to them complain they’re  too authoritative and controlling even in their homes. They  also are branded as the know-it-all.


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