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The cartel detectives want you to know about in drama over missing teens


Back in 2019, police arrested over 30 teens going for a party in Isebania, Migori county raisin outcry among Kenyans

Police raided the club where they were enjoying their time and arrested the students some as young as 11 years.

And now detectives have raised the alarm that teens in Komarock and Kayole are being lured online by a Twitter handle @named Carty-gang-ent. It also includes what appears to be an international number that many KOT have since said is a scum phone number.

@eburebian said ..There  are apps and sites that give random US numbers … usually meant  for pranks and stuffs like that but apparently some bad guys take advantage of this and use the numbers for fraud

While Damieanus Oduor also agreed that….That number is a scam I am in USA I have called the number I have checked that number is a scam so it is not necessarily from USA

DCI notified Kenyans that

Detectives are investigating an online cartel that has been luring high school girls from their homes for partying orgies that goes on for days.


They also added that

As the investigations go on, we wish to issue a stern warning to individuals taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to prey on school girls who are at home, especially through the social media networks, that their days are numbered.

The DCI wishes to inform the public that we are hunting down members of the cartel and they’ll be apprehended to answer for their crimes. The DCI further warns parents to take keen interest in their children’s activities at home and on social media networks.

While being interrogated by detectives attached to DCI’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit and the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, the young girls revealed how they were lured from their home and linked up in partying joints in Nairobi.

This follows public outcry from a relative who revealed that at least six girls have been missing pleading for help to find them as they feared for their safety.


The girl in particular Shanice has since been found and her family heaved a sigh of relief.


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