The best ways to reward yourself for a successful weight loss

It is everyone’s pride and joy to successfully lose weight.

And with that comes an opportunity to celebrate shedding the kilos with family and friends.

Do you indulge one more time or do you carefully think about how to do it in a healthy manner. For instance you can reward yourself with gifts that are of health benefits.

These are some of the best ways to reward yourself;

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Go to a spa

You can go to a spa and get a massage to help your muscles relax. Any reward you want to give to yourself should be health related.

New hairstyle

During the weight loss program, one tends to feel like they are starting a new journey of healthy living. There’s nothing as confidence boosting as a new hairdo to celebrate weight loss.

Go to a comedy show

The power of laughter cannot be overstated. It is said to increase oxygen flow into the body hence prevents muscle tension. Furthermore, it is also believed that laughter can help prolong your life.

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A wellness treat

Rather than spend your coin elsewhere, a treat in a calm, relaxed environment is better for you.


After losing weight, what better way to celebrate than attending a concert. One thing is you get to dance, thereby cutting calories, it will make you happy and create some good memories in your life.

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Buy flowers

You can always gift yourself such beautiful things without waiting for someone to do it. Decorate your house or your room with such glowing flowers. This will help you keep in mind that you worked hard to get yourself the flowers.

Tokeo la picha la flowers

Buy workout outfits

This will be such a nice gift to yourself especially if you do attend some gym classes. Get yourself some new outfits to see how much your body has changed and admire the new looks.

Buy a blender

This will help you to make more smoothies of vegetables and fruits. The smoothies are really important as they can replace sugary drinks that you take. You can also take them as snacks or substitute the cravings for unhealthy foods and snacks.

Healthy cooking class 

Now that you have lost weight, it is also important to learn to cook healthy meals. Enroll in a cooking class, to know how to prepare the right meals to prepare that won’t have many calories.

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Yoga classes

I have often heard of the benefits of yoga for the body and mind. There are numerous classes offered in Nairobi, where you can join enthusiasts as they stretch their bodies to unimaginable ends.

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