Saumu Mbuvi with her new man

The beginning of Saumu Mbuvi and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s love story

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu has opened up about being in love and getting married pretty soon to Lamu Senator Anwar.

The relationship between the two was made public after a fight at a club where he was injured. The two were watching the UEFA Champions League finals at Memphis Lounge within the neighbourhood of USIU in Kasarani.

Saumu Mbuvi attacked by trolls as she shares loving message for Lamu Senator

On Tuesday September 3rd in a radio interview, Saumu spoke about the special connection between the two, after suffering heartbreak from her baby daddy

He was my best friend for a while, he was someone who encouraged me to tell me what work I can do he has always been pushing me

I met Anwar in Mombasa. I had gone on holiday and he was there for a security meeting. We started talking often. He was more of a best friend and encouraged me to take up projects.

My love has been there for me through my ups and downs. I appreciate him very much. He even tells me to leave trolls alone, and to put aside my phone.

Saumu gushed over her boyfriend saying he plays an important role in her daughters life.

my lover right now he is a very amazing father to my daughter


As a single mum bringing up a child without a man actively in her life, she needs a father figure for her child

I would advice if you have left your man find a father figure, coz there is something a father will teach a child that is different, this generation there is something the kids are missing because there we are so confident being single mothers

Saumu Mbuvi with her new man
Saumu Mbuvi with her new man

Wedding bells?

Very soon

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