The 9 types of guys that slide in a girls DM

Girls don’t entirely dismiss these fellas. The one could actually be here and make you a wife. Diana Marua and Bahati’s relationship began in the DM, so why completely block off sliders right?

Here is our list of 9 types of men will find all of them in every girl’s DMs.

 The persistent man who won’t give up

He is super eager. This one will flood women’s inboxes with unsolicited private nasty pics and will only share illicit content he finds online. He is usually very relentless and always ends up getting called out publicly, cussed out privately, blocked or sometimes, he gets a furious combination of all three.

The ex that saw your IG story and wants info

He saw a quote and thought you are referring to him. So he quickly slides in and I can actually hear your sigh girls! Whatever he says in the DM will always be super annoying to you.

Hi typa guy

He won’t speak to you in person if you know each other. So what’s his deal? He just wants to say ‘Hi’, nothing else.


This one types all the time like he never has time to converse.

He’ll abbreviate even a two-letter word. He’s  the one that changes the word from ‘OK’ to ‘K,’ forgetting that OK is itself an abbreviation already!

Depending on the babe in question, though, this guy may not be that bad.

The guy who wants you to rep for him

Maybe he is a budding musician, poet or whatever field he is. Whoever he is, he wants something from you. He’s looking for help making money or getting Insta famous and he thinks that reaching out to you might be the best way to do it. You and the many other women he’s reaching out to on Instagram, that is.

The guy with the girlfriend, wife

Is he crossing the line are some of the thoughts that will cross your mind, more so if you are in the same social setting. How do you handle this?

 Boyfriend material

These are the guys that every babe expects when they say “you can slide into my DM.”

This guy says hi in a decent way and strikes mature and smart conversations. He’s witty, makes you laugh. Drops good comments on your pictures, sends funny memes to you, but also educational ones and posts about stuff he thinks you may like.

Many times, they’re so sleek that you’ll be the offering your Whatsapp number, and asking for a meet up.

This doesn’t end well all the times though.

 He is just Persistent

It does not matter how many times you say no to this one, he won’t go away. He has decided, just by viewing your Instagram feed, that he loves you and he wants to date you.

No matter how long or how hard you say no, he won’t be dissuaded.

 The angry guy

He gets angry when you refuse to reply his messages or say yes to him. He switches up from the good guy act he had when he was hopeful of a relationship and begins to call you names and all sorts the moment you reject him.

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