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The 7 life principles that Robert Burale wants you to practice



Life coach and motivational speaker Robert Burale has some wisdom you should pay attention to.

Burale took to Instagram to share 7 tips that you can use in life and we appreciate it. He wrote


1: A person with very many “CLOSE” Friends is open to serious danger .

2: A man who’s “friends ” laugh at all his jokes is starved of true friends.

3: If he/she is violent during the dating stage..the chances that they will change In marriage are VERY SLIM .

4: Run away from a person who does not wear any scars …That is a COWARD or a FAKE

5: Friends who only call you to update on what they said about you (negatively ) should be avoided at all costs .

6: Remember not to announce your plans before the results…there are people who are “anointed ” to hate your success .

7: Never mock anybody when they are phone call can change their life…NEWCASTLE is now one the richest clubs in the world..


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