The 5 surprising places couples argue about relationship issues


Emotional bumps in relationships is what many couples go through and there are places where fights are most likely to begin and get intense.

Whew, dear Classic 105 fam, where are some of the places you have seen couples argue? Here is my list.

  1. In traffic Nairobi traffic is notorious and more so for people living along Thika Road, or worse Kiambu road. so while you are stuck in jam and your spouse says something, a fight ensues. It could just be a comment about how they are driving that brings out the underlying drama.
  2. Family events. Couples fighting in family gatherings especially during holiday moments are not uncommon. Holidays are a stressful time for couples who have tension. and the close proximity makes things spiral out of
  3. In a club
    Picture yourself sitting around happy couples and you and you and bae have some tension, it is highly likely one of you will make some catty remark that may spiral out of control and lead to a meltdown. And many Kenyans are known not to hold back so it will happen that the upset partner will bring up something they know will upset their partner

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  4. Restaurants or big social events
    Eating out is supposed to be romantic and bring spouses close, but if you and bae have marital drama, the cuteness of others in the restaurant will likely get tot you and lead you to draw comparisons why you two can’t be this cute together. The lack of affection then leads to drama in public.
  5. Holidays/vacations 
    Disagreeing between spouses while on vacation happens alot because spouses have to agree on a common itinerary where neither has control over. The likelihood of blaming each other for any mishap on holiday will arise.

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