Reginah Daniels and Senator Ned Nwoko

The 29-year-old set to marry Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko – Photos

Regina Daniels has been in the news for the past few days after allegedly dumping her young boyfriend for a billionaire known as Prince Ned Nwoko.

Nwoko is Senator Elect and an international lawyer of repute.

He recently received an Honorary Doctorate Award from the Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun (FUPRE), Delta State.

Meet the beautiful wife and kids left behind by billionaire Reginald Mengi

Regina Daniels joined Nwoko’sfamily and friends in celebrating Hon. Nwoko and other Nollywood Actors, during the celebration marking the honor.

The actress has already shopped for all what she needs for her special day and there are stories floating around that she was gifted a Billion naira to buy whatever she wants and there is a house in her name in London as well….


Insiders say that

The Senator is totally smitten with Regina and even behaves like a love struck teen when he is with her,he has eyes for no one else right now.

That is the reason some of his other wives have decided to move on with their lives,angered by all the big publicity trailing the actress’ relationship with their husband.

If care is not taken,she will be the only wife with the Senator by the time they wed.

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