That’s a psycho – Maina Kageni calls men who can’t handle rejection 


If you ever said No to a guy who can’t handle rejection, it’s criminal according to Maina Kageni who educated a stubborn Kingangi claiming that a must try by all means necessary.

People who stalk you online and in person can face jail time he revealed.

On the Friday morning conversation October 22nd, Maina and Kingangi weighed in on this topic, with Mwalimu saying men have a right to be persistent.

Kingangi said ‘there is something he has seen in you, why do you reject me before giving me a chance? A man can try you know, you just can’t be rejected na uende, you have to keep trying mpaka aiigne ka system’.

Maina told that men who respond with aggression are exhibiting immature behavior calling them psychos, stalkers who need to be reported, and it’s not a joke.

Maina said ‘do you realize that it’s criminal activity when you insult her, you can go to jail.  Bagger off and go away”.

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