Tharaka Nithi man slaughters dog eats it with Ugali due to hunger

A man from Magundu village,Maara constituency Tharaka Nithi has shocked villagers after he decided to slaughter a dog and eat it with Ugali.

Martin Munene said he slaughtered the dog after staying for three days without food.

“I have been looking for casual jobs but I stayed for too long without finding any so I decided to slaughter the dog so that I could eat it for three days,” he said.

He said the soup of the animal would have helped him regain energy.

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Gatwiri Micheni a shopkeeper said Munene had a tenderncy of taking shop items on credit.

“He came to me on Thursday and asked to take things on credit i gave him maize flour free of charge but he told me he did not have accompaniment unfortunately I had finished vegetables,” he said.


Michael Mbae a residents said following the persistent drought they too are almost going to do the same.

“It is not surprising because of the drought and starvation and hard economic times,” he said.

Karimba chief Edward Gitonga said he received reports that Munene had planned to slaughter the dog as a revenge after accusing it of eating his chicken.

“I received a call from the village manager that he was cooking the dog so I went to the scene to witness,” he said.

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Gitonga said he does not think it is hunger that triggered Gitinga to slaughter the dog.

“I accessed his farm and he has Bananas and other edible crops so maybe he might be using drugs,” Gitonga said.

Gitonga was arrested and taken to Chogoria police station.

In Kenya dog is not gazetted as one of the edible animals and therefore it is a crime to consume it.Although it is a decilacy in China.

Early this year another man is said to have slaughtered a dog in Tigania,Meru county.

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