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‘I thank my younger self for a deep enduring love,’ cries Julie Gichuru

When people are asked about what they would tell their younger selves, most of the answers range from regrets they’ve had and advice they would tell themselves.

Well, this is not the case for renowned media queen, Julie Gichuru.

The celebrated journalist took to her social media penning a long thank-you message to her younger self.

The message read,

Often people ask, what words of wisdom would you share with your younger self…

For me it is the opposite, I thank my younger self for wisdom,

idealism, strength, obstinate focus, naivete, self-worth, and a deep enduring love of love ❤

thank you little Julie ❣


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The mother of five also had a piece of advice for her fans.

She ended her post with moving words which gave advice to her fans.

The message final words read;

Never let the world disconnect you from your child spirit


#OldSoul#ChildofGod #AwesomeLord 

🙏🏼❤ Are you still in deep connection with your child soul?


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