Thank you Kenyans for your prayers – Paul Okoye on P Square reuniting

The Okoye brothers have reunited and their fans are only but thankful.

Maina Kageni on Thursday November 18 called Paul Okoye live in the studio to wish him and brother Peter a happy 40th birthday.

Paul thanked and appreciated Kenyans for being true fans to the P Square brand and never losing hope inspite of their split.

Maina told him ‘Paul, this is Classic 105 and we want ot say happy birthday to you and Peter. We want to say thank you so much for entertaining us’ Maina told him.

Paul responded ‘ how is everyone in Kenya doing, everybody in Nigeria is fine and the family is good’

Paul then revealed that the brothers are truly back together and they will release new music as early as next week.

‘Expect something from P Square, Paul told Maina , it is for real this time, thank you Kenyans for all your prayers we are back together and something is cooking,’

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