‘Thank you’ Avril pens letter to fan who helped her fight separation anxiety

Every new mother worries when it comes to being separated from their child due to one reason or the other and Avril is not spared from that.

The mother of one is an artiste and is expected to be on the move every now and then and just when she thought things could not get any worse, a fan did the unthinkable.

A fan reached out to her telling her how much of a motivation she has been, and here is what she wrote

“One of the most humbling things happened to me yesterday. Someone came up to me showed me some really dope photos he had been taking of me during sound check and said ‘I’ve never forgotten what you said when you came to my former high school three years ago .. 10% is what happens to you 90% is how you react’ .

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I smiled like a fala the whole afternoon .. @alikhanrahim you don’t know what you did to my day especially because of the day I was having #SeparationAnxiety .. I don’t know what to say but thank you and I am so so so so humbled. May greatness follow you always. #ICloseMyEyesWhenISing 😂”

Willy M Tuva connects with woman he saved from being killed by husband

Just the other day Mzazi Willy M Tuva expressed his gratitude after  a fan he saved from being killed by her HIV+ husband reached out to him.

The lady thanked him, stating that were it not for him she would long have been dead. She wrote

“Kweli watu utoka mbali, indeed dreams are valid and how i wish one day will see you face to face # Mzazi, if where not you maybe ningekua siko hapa duniani sasa, it was in 2010 when i was in a relationship with somebody who was positive and he wanted to kill me but i talked to Willy for more than two hours trying to advice me, am now a mother of two, I thank God coz am not positive, I thank you Willy for your advice ,am here because of you # may God bless you abundantly”

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