Gospel Musician Hope Kid confirms testing for Herpes..

After many months of silence, Hope Kid has finally addressed the allegations placed on him and admitted to have undergone a herpes test.

Gospel artiste Hope Kid finally addressed the issue upon the sexual allegations that were leveled against him and DK Kwenye Beat by a 20-year-old college student.

The allegations had gone so far such that Hope Kid had been rumored to have infected the girl with Herpes,

Well in an exclusive interview with classic 105 and this is what he had to say,


Yes i went and got tested. and the reason why this happened was not because of the story.

This was because at the end of the  day i was under legal advice and i wanted to have every documentation right.

This was so that when everyone or anyone comes knocking because of the allegations , i would have my papers ready.

I had to approach the matter in a more legal way because someone was coming after me and they were coming hard.


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This story leaked months ago through screens shorts that were spread all over social media .

Hope Kids stated that whoever had leaked those screenshots mentioned their names intentionally.

According to her she did not disclose any name. Whoever wrote the story decided to mention me and DK Kwenye Beat for his own reasons.

I never raped her nor infected her because nobody is sick.


Well, when asked about his relationship with DK Kwenye Beat he said that they are still very good friends and that a situation like this was not going to ruin their friendship.

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He was also quick to praise the gospel artist adding that

He is one of the most loyal person whom you will ever ,meet in this world.

He also added that the biggest lesson that he learnt was that you should not help everyone .

That not everyone is as good as you would want them to be.


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