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I Was Tested By My Fiancée And I Ended Up Giving Her A Sizzling Hot Slap

I tell you people have struggles out here.

A city man has confessed about how he was tested by his fiance to a point where he slapped her a gudu one.

Anyhow, the man wrote, “Last month I hit my fiancée (slap) Before you come for me let me explain. First of all I was so remorseful, my 32 years on this planet I have never been in a fight, I don’t hit women, I have sisters, my father didn’t hit my mum and I was taught not too. My girl has been picking fights, stepping on my nerves, it started in June, the 18th I remember cause she picked a fight with me for no reason, cursed me out, said mean things…

I took it as monthly mood swings but it didn’t stop so last week she did the most, the thing I hate most in this world.. after doing it I got upset demanded an apology, she gave me one of those “ehen oya sorry” but not actually sorry, walked passed me, bumped into me I said nothing and some hours later she repeated the same thing, that was when I lost it and hit her in the middle of another argument.

Immediately it happened I knelt down started begging and I have been begging ever since. I can’t even call her friends or family to beg cause I am so ashamed of myself.. so last week I finally convinced her to come over and with her best friend just to ease her a bit. To ensure her of her security even though I know it will never happen again. I just wanted us to talk….. I have never been made so angry, people say I am too gentle and nice so it got me thinking maybe I am not ready for marriage and I need to work on some things because we will have many more arguments I shouldn’t restore to hitting her , as I was explaining these to her while apologizing saying I need to be a better man and we should put the wedding on hold, my GF who had been vexing since with her friend just changed face.

She finally said she had been doing those things intentionally because I am too nice so she wanted to see the worst I can do basically her friends put the idea in her head, so she has been looking for my trouble all this while… I am still in shock.
now I am thinking differently;

1) Why would I want to be with a woman who can bring out that side of me?

2) is she desperate to get married ? Cause she was apologizing saying not to postpone the wedding. Why would u want to marry a man who is capable of hitting you? She is 27, together for 2 plus years.”

Here are some reactions from netizens.

mora_11: For about 4months sure? And it’s all a test 😫 if u aren’t certain anymore or want to ease of things, put things on hold and work things out. Her friends are bad news, if they are going to be advising her while married, u are in for it 😄. Remember “a broken wedding is better than a broken marriage” well what do I know 🙈 bye 👋

Cindynwokebirinwa: So she can’t make a decision herself except what her friends tell her to? Why try someone to know what he or she will do? Now she knows, she can settle down. Oga……do what’s best for you. If you wanna marry her, then do. If you still wanna put the marriage on hold to get yourself together, still good. This shouldn’t really be a big issue since you say you ain’t the violent type. But she should learn to do take decisions herself cos some friends can mislead

amb_brown: Pls don’t beg, the fact that a man should not hit a woman shouldn’t make her stupid… How will a woman be getting her man angry and don’t expect reactions… Stop begging..

yvonneajudua: My brother, you shouldn’t be with a person that will bring out the bad side in you.

odenjiji: It’s a lie. It wasn’t a test. It was a systematic approach to forever subdue you into submission. I’m not an advocate for violence, but you reacted foolishly by kneeling to beg. Still, she didn’t see that as an opportunity to reveal the “temper-unearthing-strategy” she’d been applying on you…not until you decided to pause the wedding preparations. She clearly didn’t expect that move, and impulsively made those comments. What makes this worse is that she’s blaming others for her actions. Wait a little longer before resuming any wedding talk. Be more observant.

omonyajudith: U don’t have to test someone to know what they’re cable of…Why in the name of the holy spirit would u Want to deliberately provoke anyone? OK, now he has hit her and I can assure u, he would not hesitate to hold bk if she omits again because she has unleashed the beast.

sherifoluwaseyi: Uhmmm but the truth is the testing worked on you.. She just wanted to know your anger limit… Even you would have never imagined that you can hit a lady.. That doesn’t make her bad or desperate… Cus when you eventually get married.. It won’t be testing again oo nd things far worse than that will occur you just have to play maturity as a man.. I think she did you a favor.. So sir.. Pls don’t hate the player.. Hate the game.. Good luck…

chidi_francisca: You are so lucky to have someone that loves you. She wanted to know the extent you can take rubbish, no one wants to marry a man that can’t protect her. She just wants to know you more. Don’t stop the marriage dear, everyone develops cold feet before wedding and you are having cold feet. Don’t let it control your actions. Have a happy married life.

__mhizqueen: When u are too cool and nice people use u……i use to be nice and cool before…..but now dont try me.

What do you think. Is it okay to test someone to those limits? And is it okay to condone violence in relationships to prove that he loves you?

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