Terryanne Chebet Reveals The Kind Of Job She Was Offered After Her Anchor Days

Former Citizen TV anchor Terryanne Chebet is one lady to be admired in these streets. Her devotion to work hard is someone we all admire and people should pluck a few leaves from her tree.

After leaving Citizen TV, many pitied her and thought it was an unfair move for her to be sacked after working for the company for a while.


During an interview with Larry Madowo on his popular show ‘The Trend’, she revealed that after she was sacked, she started receiving application forms from people left right and center asking her to apply. That’s so sweet of them right?
The most shocking application she got was for a forestry officer. Even while narrating the story she laughed really when she remembered it.
She believed that it came from a good heart, but she wishes people would just understand that sometimes someone wants some time on their own to just think and have a peace of mind. But all in all she was grateful for all those who thought of her and send their words of encouragement.

Terryanne has her own line of beauty products dubbed ‘Keyara’ that she is super proud of.

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