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Terryanne Chebet vows to protect her dating life till her wedding day

TV presenter Terryanne Chebet has dazzled and excited Kenyans for many a year when she read the nightly news. While many might know a lot about her professionally, little is known about her romantic side with the mother of two being very secretive about it.

The well-respected journalist has again promised to continue keeping her dating life hidden until the day she walks down the aisle…And even then she added a huge caveat to that.

Terryanne Chebet with Grace Msalame
Terryanne Chebet with Grace Msalame

Speaking during an interview with NTV, Terryanne revealed that there is too much bad energy when someone’s personal life is revealed on social media.

“I believe there is a reason why personal life is actually called personal. If you put too much out there, it invites criticism. Bad energy. There is something bad always with bad energy,” said Chebet.

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She also added that she would keep protecting her family as they aren’t public figures.

“For me, I said I will protect my dating life, I will protect the people that I date because they are not public personalities. I would rather keep that part of my life as private as possible and it gives me peace. Until when I walk down the aisle, maybe they can know,” she added.

Terryanne Chebet with her two kids
Terryanne Chebet with her two kids

Her stance while bad for us celebrity-watchers eager for gossip is understandable. Kenyan R& B musician Wyre also shares the same sentiment as Terryanne as he has made it a point to keep his wife and kid away from the spotlight.

Wyre with his son in the past
Wyre holding his son in a file photo

Their viewpoint can have some positives as it allows one’s kids to grow up without the constant glow of the spotlight, allowing them to choose their own paths. On the other hand, the spotlight can offer the kid an easy path to celebrity like DJ Mo and Size 8’s daughter Ladehse who know has a following of 351k followers! Talk about a headstart!

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