Terry Anne Chebet taking some time off with her daughters Imani and Talaa

Check out the school Terryanne Chebet pays Sh2.1M as school fees

The wise man once said that we are all equal but some are more equal than others. This was proven true after media personality Terry Anne Chebet shared the news of where her daughter schools.

Terryanne who is a house hold in the Kenyan media industry is a mother of two and going by her post, it is is obvious she is digging deep into her pockets to make sure that her first born daughter gets the best education.

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Terry Anne Chebet with her daughters Imani (standing ) and Talaa
Terryanne Chebet with her daughters Imani (standing ) and Talaa

She recently was at her daughter’s school Pembroke School ,Gilgil to watch and celebrate her girl as she played rugby. Pembroke is among schools in Kenya that offer IGCSE school system.

Others include Pembroke House School, International School of Kenya Hillcrest International School, Brookhouse School, Rosslyn Academy and Braeburn School.

Pembroke School ,Gilgil
Pembroke School, Gilgil

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She wrote

 “What a beautiful weekend. 😊 yummy mummying #ndume7s rugby tournament at my daughter’s school. She’s playing touch rugby!!!So cool!. 🏈🏈🏈.”


Terryanne’s daughter Imani, who is 12 years old, schools at one of the most expensive schools in Kenya, Pembroke House School, located in Gilgil.

She coughs a whopping Sh726,000 per term, which translates to Sh2.1 million in a year.

The school boasts of a spacious swimming pool, a rugby team known as Shama, a musical class, horse riding and of course a diet some of us see in magazines.

Pembroke House School’s heated swimming pool
Students enjoying horse riding at Pembroke House School

A mothers pride!!! Check out Terryanne Chebet’s all grown up daughter Imani

Below is the Pembroke House fees for 2017/18, inclusive of all boarding seven-days-a-week:

Discounts of 5% are available for first sibling, and 10% for a second sibling or more.

A further 3% discount is available for those paying all three terms at the start of September.

Fees are due three times per year (start September, start January and end April for Year 1 – 7).

Fees are due two times per year (beginning of September and beginning of January for Year 8).

A monthly direct debit payment option (divide a year’s fees by 12) is available at a one off 1.5% surcharge on full fees.


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