Terminating Pregnancy

“ Nakuomba Nereah usioe mimba yangu, Mungu akileta mtoto analeta sahani yake, mlete nitamlea, usitoe mimba yangu, Mungu akileta mtoto analeta sahani yake,” are the lyrics to Sauti Sol’s brand new song ‘Nerea’ featuring Amos and Josh.

The songs has elicited mixed reactions especially from women. In our morning conversation with Larry Asego he asked the women, “how credible is a man who tells you that you shouldn’t terminate a pregnancy he will raise the child?”

Statistics show that 450,000 pregnancies are terminated each year. How many men stay put after a woman tells him they are pregnant.

According to some of our women callers, matters abortion are not as easy as ‘Nerea’ is trying to make it seem. Men will always promise to take care of the unborn child and when the child comes they are not in the picture.

Another caller says that women should give men a choice if an abortion is concerned. “What if the man is willing to raise the child and you go behind his back and get the pregnancy terminated?” says one man.

What’s your take on this subject? Listen to the conversation below

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