Terence Creative reveals he became a father at 21


Comedian Terence Creative says becoming a dad at a young age brought a sense of responsibility into his life.

Terence became a dad at the age of 21 years.

In a post on his Instagram, the father of three said he was not lucky enough to have a dad in his life but his grandmum played three roles in his life.

Check out his post;

Terence Creative with Milly Chebby
Terence Creative with Milly Chebby

“I was a father at 21 years. Mutuz my guy, growing up I was not lucky to have a father or father figure, my grandma played three roles that of a mum, dad and grandmother, I celebrate her on this day.”

He added;

Terence Creative posing
Terence Creative posing

“I promised myself to be an intentional present dad, I feel like I am becoming a great dad every day, I listen and learn a lot. Being a father at 21 is something that I will remember forever, it brought a sense of responsibility into my life, something that I hold up to date. God bless all fathers out there either biological, step or father figures. My guy, Happy Father’s Day to you.”

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