Tender Imeexpire! Men on why they deny their bae’s child support when they remarry

The Morning Conversation on Classic 105 was today based on why men refuse to give their women child support once they get married to someone else.

“I have a friend whose baby mama keeps calling me because his ex has refused to take care of his children. “

Mike Mondo argued that as long as the child is your then you should support him/herInaitwa kuhandover.

According to Mwalimu King’ang’i, child support ends once a relationship ends.

“Inaitwa kuhandover. If your ex remarries your responsibilities end. Achukue aende amalizie safari. “

*Baba Mila says

“A tender has an expiry period. These ladies think they can move around with all men and benefit financially.
If she wants to go she can go and leave the child. If she leaves I will find another lady and get married to her.”

Baba Brenda says he would not refuse to support his daughter just because his bae has moved on

“If Mama Brenda gets remarried. I think I will continue supporting my daughter.
Naturally she is my child and she has no other father. Men should stop being selfish.”

Salome Salome argued
“What about you stubborn baby mamas that are trying to keep up with the Jones instead of making and building your own homes… Saintan!”

Denlison Kitonga says women asking for child support once they have moved on is a daylight robbery.

I agree with you mwalimu it’s handover ….when we meet a single mother always ask if we will love his/her kid like her own father ….soo we take the full responsibility of the father….soo baby mama wa style up hio Yao ni ukora.”

Elias Ngoi added
As a man you’ve failed if you allow your woman to ask for money from her baby daddy…..
Anyway as for me I pay, proudly. And I love the fact that her man can’t stand up to the occasion.”

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