Tedd Josiah sadly narrates the last thing his wife did before passing away

The world marks Breastfeeding week World wide and among those in solidarity with this is our own Tedd Josiah who is a widower and a single dad.

Word breastfeeding week mainly focuses on the protection, promotion, and support of breastfeeding worldwide, based on the Innocenti Declarations,local producer Tedd Josiah took to his instagram to celebrate his late wife Reginah with a photo of her breastfeeding their daughter.

Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay

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He wrote

This is Breast feeding 🤱 weekFor us bears 🐻 it’s a bitter sweet week.
Sweet cause moms bear @reginahkatar wanted to breast feed for as long as possible and exclusively breast fed little Jay Jay.
Bitter because the very last thing momma did before she passed was to breast feed Jay.
This is the most selfless any human can get. You give yourself to the nourishment of another human being.
No man can ever do it!
So when you see a woman breastfeeding 🤱 please ask her if she is comfortable, if she needs water or anything to drink… and get it for her.
Make her comfortable as she gives life to anther human being. Make her life a little easier.
#RaisingJay #TheManMom’


Tedd is among  Kenyan men who have been bold enough to bring up their kids single handedly after loosing their spouses to the crruel hand of death ,he is a doting father to Jay who turned 1 this year.

Here are comments from his fans

paigemainaThis is so beautiful…it’s so hard to understand God’s plan
sweetcancyWoisheeee but God is in control
babyshoeschateauSweet and bitter indeed,I can’t imagine what you go through every time you guys see her photo
muthoni_mbaiU r so sweet, and the way u see life @teddjosiah u have made it in life, I know that coz u understand life so so well….. God bless u
adoraxoxoYou’re so understanding of what really matters and what babies need, @teddjosiah. And my heart broke when I first read about that

last moment of love with both love & all the feelings. Baby #Gummybear is blessed to have you. (((Hugs)))
gracefulcarolSelfless indeed.Both for the mom and you who is raising her perfectly. may mama jay rest in peace and may Jay stay nourised by the heavenly Father. Keep up the good work
oh1_carolinaThis is lovely❤️❤️❤️
ann_ruguruThank you, yes mothers are great people and to you thank you for choosing to be with toto Jay every single minute of her growing, so many men do take the kids to their parents or Sisters for them to look after them, but you choose not with Jay see the far you have come,conglatulations you are so great, may the Lord God continue blessing you with more grace.
wimka09I echo your words @teddjosiah ,she is a Watching angel
dotamakotheeYou made me cry in a Matt Ted!may God protect you and gummy beat. If only all men would appreciate this!


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