Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay

Tedd Josiah reminisces wife’s death and raising a child alone

It’s been a year plus since Tedd Josiah lost his wife Reginah Katar, and he is still coming to terms with her death.

Reginah left behind a daughter (Jay) who celebrated her first birthday last year (2018).

Tedd has been bringing her up with the help of his close family and friends.

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Taking to his instagram he wrote

“As I sat in the car with a little 3 month old baby asleep in my arms at 5:30am outside a hospital I thought to myself…. “so my best friend is dead, my love, but isn’t this a joke? She surely must me asleep…. will I manage this alone with an infant?”
My response? “God will give me the ability.”

Tedd Josiah
Tedd Josiah

Loosing someone you love 💕 and who loves you unconditionally and loves your baby unconditionally is the worst thing EVER! It plays back in my mind every single day and when little Jay looks at me I have to smile and let her know we love Mama bear 🐻 and she’s always there with us.
As we run @jokajokleather and make a living I for ourselves I also wonder every time we make a bag or even do a photoshoot if she likes what we’ve done.”

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Tedd Josiah's daughter Jay

He adds
“This to us is more than a bag company, it’s a journey hence the bags, it’s a legacy of a Queen, it’s providing a living for many people, school fees for our staff and maybe someday it will be Africa’s biggest luxury designer brand capable of taking on the global brands and also capable of employing the next generation that is JayJay’s age.
Thank you to our IG family. You’ve helped me in the healing process and with every purchase we are one step closer to this BIG dream @reginahkatar and i had.
Happy Sunday and God bless
#RaisingJay #TheManMom

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