Tedd Josiah opens up on how his daughter fought jaundice after birth

Raising a child single handedly especially as a man is not easy, since new borns do not automatically bond with their dads unlike women who bond almost automatically.

Local producer Tedd Josiah has not had it easy especially after losing his wife Regina Katar when their daughter was only a few months old. Tedd has done a good job raising his daughter who recently turned one.

Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay

I miss Regina everyday she was my anchor mourns producer – Tedd Josiah

The beautiful girl, who is the apple of her fathers eye, is an eye candy but behind that beautiful smile is a queen who over came jaundice when she was only one-month-old as her mother was recovering from child birth wounds.

This sad event in Tedd Josiah’s life was awakened yesterday after a terrifying situation that almost led to his daughter being hospitalized.

He wrote

“Am i ok?Well more or less yes.
Tonight we almost ended up in hospital & it brought back the painful pain week long that we spent in hospital when Jay was born. We are well now.
Jay was born with jaundice and needed phototherapy while her mom was recovering from a C section and learning how to breastfeed 🤱.

Baby Jay
Baby Jay

I watch her run round the house with a happy heart ❣ but heavy heart too as i think to myself in tears most times “God couldn’t u let this girls mom see these beautiful moments?”…….. But i guess seeing such a loving person taken away and watching her little bundle of Joy run round can be challenging.
God gives God takes.”

During a previous interview, Tedd opened up about his journey as a widower, saying it has not been easy given the fact that he now has to play the role of father and mother for little miss Jay.

Pride and excitement for Tedd Josiah as his daughter turns one

He said

“Imagine calling someone your everything – home, safe place, your all – and watching them slowly fade away on their deathbed in less than an hour. I was left on a free fall and lost. In many ways, Regina was my anchor. I have to make a lot of adjustments; I am more hands-on with my baby. I have to wash her, clean, cook, feed and be always there for her,” explains Josiah. “I am lucky my office is in my home so I can spend all the time I need with her,”

Tedd Josiah’s wife Reginah with daughter Jay

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