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‘I don’t want them to ever think that I hate their mother,’ Tedd Josiah opens up about his ex-wife and teenage kids

September is the most trying month for Tedd Josiah after he lost the mother of his daughter, Reginah Katara, a year ago after developing complications leaving them heartbroken.

He has been raising his daughter Jameela, popularly known as ‘Gummy Bear’, for a year now.

The wife suffered from a condition called thrombocytopenia, characterized by abnormally low levels of thrombocytes, also known as platelets, in the blood.

“I know this a very trying month for me and difficult for us,” he told Word Is.

Previously, Tedd was married but separated with the first wife, with whom he sired two children in 2008. In previous interviews, he said a lot of things crumbled at that time. Some of his fans on social media, where he shares the journey of his one-year-old daughter, have however been trying to question why he does not post his children from the previous marriage.

“There are always things to leave public and others to leave private. My separation with my ex-wife has been written about by most media houses. I have never spoken about it because the children involved are teenagers and I don’t want them to ever think that I hate their mother. So by me commenting on what happened, that is very bad for everyone involved and I will be opening open wounds.”

Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay

Tedd Josiah shares the last post by his late wife 2 days before her untimely death

“The children are there and I have never denied them and I take care of them and I don’t ask people about their children,” Tedd said.He said it is only people who are bitter with their lives who can ask such questions.

“When somebody comes and starts doing nasty things on a photo of a child, you wonder if their father left them or were they abandoned or have they been raped or do they have social issues, and I wonder if I will react positively or negatively.

The best thing is to be positive to them since they are already faced by other problems. You can put a photo of your father and somebody may say your father had many wives and he was a bastard. The first reaction for you is you will feel angry because you love your father but why do they post that? Most people post such things because that is what they feel and that has nothing to do with you. So you have to understand them.”


Raising his daughter Wendo has not been easy, but he wants to give her the best life.

“It has been very hard to raise a young girl because of first of all my age. I have decided in my heart not to have many people around her. I have a nanny who comes in the morning and goes in the evening, so we are just the two of us in the evening and weekends. It is not easy but I prefer that way because I wanted to bond with her as much as possible. We want to make her happy.”

Asked if he will marry again, Tedd was hesitant but said he is not sure.

“A lot of people love the idea of getting married but they cannot stand the reality of being married. I am happy with my child and God is the author of my future. I can’t predict about it because I don’t know.”

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