Tearful ‘widow’ narrates shock of ‘husband’ buried in secret midnight ritual

A woman in Kapsabet who died after disinheriting her “wife” with 12 children was on Monday night buried, hours after a court stopped the ceremony.

Tapkili Meto, 90, was buried at midnight after her “wife” Helen Meto obtained temporary orders restricting the burial pending hearing of a case she filed in court.

The court order was to be served to Matida Too, Tapkili’s relative, who had obtained a burial permit from the local chief. Residents of Kaplonyo village in Kilibwoni found out yesterday that Tapkili was interred at her brother’s home.

Her “wife” and 12 children wanted her buried at Kapsoen village, Kapnyeberai, in her farm at the family’s graveside and beside her husband Kimisoi Meto.

Kimisoi died in the 1950’s before having children as Tapkili was barren.

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