TEAR-JERKING Moment As Bebe Cool And His Wife Zuena Comfort Zari During An EMOTIONAL Vigil For Late Hubby Ivan (PHOTOS)

Zari Hassan and her three sons recently attended a Vigil Mass for her ex-husband Ivan Semwanga after his body was flown to Uganda on May 29 from South Africa.

Ivan Semwanga passed away on Thursday, May 25 after spending days at the Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, where he had been admitted in critical condition after a heart attack.

The Rich Gang President’s death shocked everyone, but now that he’s gone, there seems to be a tug of war over who’s going to inherit his wealth, and apparently, there’s been bad blood between his family and Zari.


According to a recent report, Ivan’s foster father was of the opinion Zari shouldn’t inherit his wealth, stating that there’s a woman pregnant for him back in South Africa.

To add on to the drama, the man ordered for a DNA of Ivan and Zaris’ three sons, insinuating the boys may not really be his biological children.

But the two seemed to have left all that behind after meeting at Ivan’s vigil and setting their differences aside to celebrate the life of the late businessman.


Ivan Don’s funeral service was held at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala, where his family, ex-wife, sons, relatives and fans went to pay their final respect to the fallen man, who is said to be the most generous Ugandan the country has ever had.

During the vigil, other Uganda celebrities also came through to comfort Zari and her sons, and one of them happened to be rapper Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena Kirema.

‘I Loved Ivan So Much!’ Read Zari’s Tribute To The Late Ivan Semwanga

Zari shared a moving photo as Zuena comforted her with a warm hug. Her husband Bebe Cool also checked on Zari’s sons, Raphael, Quincy and Pinto. Zari promised to take care of the boys even though Ivan is gone.

In life, with time, you realise who is important who is not. Some will act to be there for you when it’s all a lie. But in this world, what’s at my door will come knocking at yours…. soon or later!!!!! 



Check out more photos from the vigil as shared by Zari.

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