Teacher sentenced to 15 years for defiling a student

A former headteacher  from Uganda broke down after he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for defiling a student in his office.

The man known as  Geofrey Muliika, was a head teacher of St. Mary’s College Lugazi in Buikwe district and commited the said offence in March this year.
The 15-year-old victim testified that Muliika sent for her at 5:30am local time (EAT) and when she entered his office, he locked it.

She said Muliika warned her of a bad peer group she had joined and that she risked being expelled before forcing himself on her.

The Prosecution  prayed for a deterrent sentence and  had suggested 40 years, saying Muliika freely initiated the act and planned to execute the same.

Source : Newvision

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