i am happily married

TBT to the ‘I’m happily married’ hairstyle Kenyan women love


So two years back, this hairstyle trended online and everyone referred to it as the ‘I’m happily married woman’ hairstyle.

Cornrows are very popular in Kenya, and I challenge you to take a quick look around you to prove me wrong.

Perhaps you have them? LOL.

This joke went viral in 2018, and because it’s Thursday and a TBT at that, I am reviving it for your viewing pleasure.

happily married hairstyle

Celebrities like Alicia Keys love cornrows so much we loved how chic and edgy she made them.

These days the designs, styling and thickness of the cornrows differs and so it’s probably not a happily married woman hairstyle anymore. But who are we to argue with social media when it says so?

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