#TBT Hairstyles From Back In The Day Making A Comeback

We have seen the fashion world go back in time to the 50’s and other eras and pick up a few wardrobe staples and give them life or rather a more modern look.

The same has happened in the hair industry with manufacturers producing wigs with styles reminiscent of those our parents rocked in their youthful days.

Many people are now ditching the chemicals in favor of their natural hair and with that comes the need for hairstyles that are protective and can last given that African hair isn’t exactly silky soft.

Here are some of the styles from back in the day that are becoming common.

Bantu knots – After oiling your hair, you separate it into several parts, twist and roll it around to make a knot. You can either choose to leave them or undo them for a curly look.

Bantu knots – Image/


Twist outs – They are almost like bantu knots only that you don’t coil them. You basically twist your hair and later on style them to your preferred look.



Afro – The good old afro, wash your natural hair, oil it , comb and you’re good to go. You can add a bow, pins or a flower to bump the look.


Corn rows – These can be done with your natural hair if it’s long enough and in case it’s not hair piece or thread can be used instead.


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