Tanzanian singer Lady JayDee reveals how she feels about having children

Tanzanian singer Lady Jay Dee is no stranger to controversy.

The no-nonsense singer is known to hit out at fans who poke their noses in her personal life. She responds so swiftly, many are left amused and wondering who hurt her.

Well, recently a fan asked her why she has not had a child, since marrying her second husband. I guess perhaps society always has expectations of us once we walk down the aisle.

But Judith Wambura, her real name, was not having any jokes.


She responded telling the fan to stop poking her nose in her business, at the same time indicating that she may not have a child anytime soon.

The singer who divorced her manager hubby, and quickly found love again doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to fill the earth, as her fans expect of newly-weds.

She wrote;


‘maswala yanahusikaje hapo kwa mfano. Mgneniacha nikapumua mtoto amekuwa mtoto kwani nisipopata itakuwaje kwa mfano? natakiwe nife au? na hii post inahusikaje na mtoto? jifunzeni kuwaachia watu maisha yao binafsi aisee mnnichosha. zaeni nyie mjaze dunia inatosha’.


The bongo singer revealed that she is now being managed by Kenya’s Taurus Muzik, after ditching Ali Kiba’s manager for the Kenyan team.

Her new move was welcomed by Kenyan fans who are eager to see what she has in store for them in 2018.

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