Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu finds love again months after being released from prison

Bongowood actress Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michael has finally broken her silence after her release from prison earlier this year, after being sentenced for murder.

The popular Tanzanian actress was last November convicted for the manslaughter of former Bongo Movie Star Steven Kanumba and sentenced to two years in the pen.

After serving six months behind bars, Lulu was released on a presidential pardon in May and her two-year sentence commuted to community service.

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Since then, the actress and model has been keeping a low profile, at least until Sunday when she made a social media comeback to celebrate her fiancée Majey aka Majizzo.

Lulu had not posted anything on her Instagram account that boasts over 2.6 million followers since October 2017. She however reserved her highly anticipated comeback to pen a special message to Majizzo on his birthday.

She wrote

“Lover, Best Friend, Business Partner, Ride Or Die And A Shoulder To Always Cry On…!! Asante Kwa Kunionyesha Maana Halisi Ya Upendo Wa Agape(KIUNGU)❤️❤️❤️Baraka Zikufuate Siku Zote Za Maisha Yako..Happy Birthday Baba G…I Love You💕💕💕.”


Lulu with Majizzo

This is the first time that Lulu is hinting at a new love following her much publicized link to the murder of.


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