Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior

Has she forgiven him? Tanasha praises baby daddy Diamond in Mother’s Day message

Mother’s Day brought about some very interesting messages from different celebrities. Tanasha’s was one of those messages that raised eyebrows.

Tanasha posing in yellow
Tanasha posing in yellow

Why? Miss Donna wrote a wonderful post dedicated to her son, Naseeb Junior that encapsulated all the feelings she had. What was odd was that she also spoke in glowing terms about her baby daddy Diamond. The caption is below;

My lil big brown eyes growing so fast. Te amo siempre mi amor. ❤️ I am super proud to be your mother, you make me a better person by the day. I pray to God that you grow up to be positive, humble, successful, kind & most importantly God Fearing. I thank your father for blessing me with you as well… My baby NJ 🥰 I will always love you & do everything in my power to protect you… ❤️🙏🏽 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL MOTHERS IN THE WORLD. 🥰🙏🏽

Naseeb Junior
Naseeb Junior

Considering that Tanasha was dissing Diamond a few days ago and has been going off like an AK 47 since they split up, this comes as a welcome change.

Tanasha shades baby daddy Diamond after Bahati called him big brother

Is she borrowing a leaf from Zari who seems to be thawing in her relationship with East Africa’s father Abraham or was it a one-off because of the special occasion of Mother’s Day?

The couple in a file photo
Zari and Diamond in a file photo

Whatever the case, this story isn’t yet done, I think there is still more in this Diamond and Tanasha storyline. If I was a betting man I would wager that we might see a reunion between the two in the future.

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