Tanasha Donna with Masauti

Umependeza sana-Tanasha’s heartfelt message of gratitude to Hamisa

It seems that Diamond’s new-found friendship with Zari has motivated his other two baby mamas, namely Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna.

The pair have collaborated together to display a level of maturity as they work together to promote their hustles.

This past week, Tanasha dropped her new song with Masauti called “Liar” and the fascinating thing about it was that Hamisa had been involved in it.

Tanasha Donna with Masauti
Tanasha Donna with Masauti

How? Miss Mobetto had styled the Tanasha and Masauti for the video shoot, a fact that was revealed by Diamond’s 3rd baby mama.

No witchcraft here! Tanasha and Hamisa’s sweet banter mocking Zari

In her post, Donna could not help it but gush over Hamisa’s beauty who was jamming to her song.

“The beautiful @hamisamobetto aka Mama Fantasy na Dylan vibing to “LIAR”. She made sure I looked bomb in all the ancient Arabic style scenes courtesy of @mobettostyles . Asante sana kwa ku support & contribute to this song. Umependeza sana. 😍❤️😍 #LIARMT (LINK ON BIO)” shared Ms. Donna.

Hamisa Mobetto

And that wasn’t the end of it, Miss Mobetto went on to try to drum up support for Tanasha and Masauti’s song among her over 6.6 million followers.

“The Beautiful Mama NJ has A song Out guys ….”

This is the second time that Hamisa has worked with someone her baby daddy Diamond wasn’t really getting along with.

Earlier this year, she was featured as the video vixen in the Kiba’s song, something that stoked a lot of controversy about whether they were dating.

Ali Kiba with Hamisa on the song Dodo
Ali Kiba with Hamisa on the song Dodo

But she later revealed that Diamond had given her permission to do it.

What a stand-up guy!

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