Kevin Omwenga with Tanasha Donna in the past

You would be alive if you worked with Tanasha – Singers manager tells late Kevin Omwenga

Death is so final. Kenyans woke up to the tragic news that prominent, high-flying businessman Kevin Omwenga had been shot this past weekend.

While many theories are flying about the motive for his death, there are some who knew him well and have come out to mourn the loss of Kevin.

Kevin Omwenga
Kevin Omwenga

One of those is Tanasha Donna’s manager Castro. The manager revealed on his Instastories that Kevin had expressed a desire to work with Tanasha Donna Community Service.

Tanasha Donna with her manager African Castro
Tanasha Donna with her manager African Castro

He speculated that Kevin would most likely be still alive if that had happened.  “Only Lord Knows, I wish you took the route you wanted with @Tanashadonnacommunityservice probably you could have been alive my G, but God knows best. RIP Kev, aka, Richy Rich,’ he wrote.

The late Kevin lost his life on Friday, August 21, at his posh apartment that is located on the seventh floor of Galana Suites on Galana Road, in Kilimani.

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The motive for the murder is still unclear although the police have since arrested his two friends Chris Obure and Robert Bodo who are being investigated as key suspects in the murder.

Kevin Omwenga 3

Speculation is rife that Kevin might have been killed in a fake gold deal gone sour. Preliminary investigations indicate Omwenga was shot by a man described as a “bodyguard” to one of his associates (Obure) after an alleged dispute over the sharing proceeds of a successfully executed fake gold con game.

Kevin Omwenga

Other unsubstantiated reports indicated that Kevin was accidentally shot by the person who was showing off the gun that murdered him. None of the theories have been substantiated by the police.

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