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I was not born to be a housewife! Tanasha defiantly tells critics

Tanasha Donna is has been on a roller-coaster the past two years since Diamond decided to lift her out of relative obscurity and into fame and notoriety that often come in equal measure.

With the increased scrutiny that her life has been subjected to, so has the criticism about her choices and decisions as a mother and a girlfriend.

Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha

The singer recently spoke on the Wilkings Podcast and re-iterated the type of woman that she was telling the host that she wouldn’t change who she was.

I have every reason to get married to her! Diamond says about Tanasha

She explained that people expected her to be a housewife, to dress, walk and talk in a certain way, something she wouldn’t conform to since she cannot change her life to please people.

“There are so many expectations. People will expect me to be a housewife. I was not born to be a housewife. He does not even want that either. He appreciates a woman who works hard and gets her own. They have this expectation that my whole life should be out there in the public I will put my creative life in the public. I’m not gonna put my personal life in the public. That’s always gonna be me. They also expect me to walk, talk and dress a certain way. But imma dress however the hell I feel like dressing. And talk the way I feel like talking and express myself because I’m not going to change who I am to please other people. If you cannot accept me for who I am, that’s a you problem that is not a me problem,” the former radio presenter said.

Tanasha Donna in black and white
Tanasha Donna in black and white

The mother of one disclosed that she had a thick skin because anyone in the music needed to have one. She added that it was important because people always have a lot of negative things to say about artistes.

“Any person who wants to make it in the music industry needs to have a thick skin there is no one person who has made it successfully in the music industry and has soft skin. You have to have thick skin, I’m sure Khaligraph has a thick skin, I’m sure Akothee has thick skin, I’m sure Diamond has a whole lot of thick skin.”

Tanasha with Diamond dancing
Tanasha with Diamond dancing

She finished off the interview by assuring her fans that they should expect a great year from her.

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