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Is this Tanasha’s replacement? Question asked as Diamond’s mom posts photo of gorgeous woman

Diamond Platnumz’s dating life is a national issue. It is something that we normally dedicate pages and pages of column space for.

The reason is simple. He is the biggest celebrity in East and Central Africa who not only looks good shirtless but also has the bad boy routine locked up.

Diamond Platnumz shirtless
Diamond Platnumz shirtless

Simply put the singer is a rolling stone who has passed with so many women it’s way down. Funny thing is that his relationship past doesn’t seem to affect the women who still draw close to him like a moth to the flames.

And it seems we might have another winner after as his mother (who seems to co-sign on his new women) posted an image and video of a certain unidentified woman who has attended her son’s event.

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Sandrah, Chibu’s mother then captioned the image and video with an emoji of two hands raised in awe. Many wondered the reason for her post with the inevitable speculation being that she was the new woman in Diamond’s life.

And who is the woman? She turns out to be model Johandi Mack who showed up to the Wasafi party clad in a flowing, sparkly black gown.

Jihandi Mack

Jihandi who was Miss Tanzania in 2016 appreciated the praise, saying a big thank you. Many fans were quick to talk up Miss Jihandi for her beauty and many theorised that this was the new woman in Diamond’s life.

Thing is that Jihandi fits perfectly with the stereotype of the woman that Diamond normally dates-light-skin and petite.

Jihandi Mack
Jihandi Mack

Diamond who is derisively referred to as Father Abraham for his many baby mamas had recently intimated that he was dating a new woman who he intended to marry.

Diamond Platnumz cradles Zuchu in cute moment after gifting her a car

He added that he had a special woman in his heart who he failed to mention. He said that he was done moving around from woman to woman and wanted to finally settle down.

Diamond Platnumz shirtless

Funny thing is that Diamond broke up with Tanasha Donna in February this year and had also promised her that he would marry her at the beginning of their courtship.

It seems that the “African Beauty” loves the idea of marriage but not the practice of it. Or could his new woman have changed that for him?

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